Media coverage – June 2019

Fear of ‘killer shrimps’ could pose major threat to European rivers

The fear of invasive ‘killer shrimps’ can intimidate native organisms to such a degree that they are incapable of performing their vital role in river systems, a new study suggests.

€4 million funding announcement gives green light for construction of modern cob homes

CobBauge, a multimillion pound project to build a new generation of cob houses is set to continue for four more years, thanks to the announcement of more than €4 million in funding.

The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate

Scientists present support for the theory that marine invertebrates with larger body size are generally more sensitive to reductions in oxygen than smaller animals, and so will be more sensitive to future global climate change.

Research sheds new light on how brain stem cells are activated

New research helps to shed new light on the mechanisms used by neural stem cellsto ‘wake up’ – going from their usual dormant state to one of action. The research is important as scientists need to better understand how NSCs behave in the brain in order to develop effective treatments.

Fishers keen to help address the problem of marine litter

Commercial fishers are acutely aware of the potential for marine litter to cause lasting damage to their catches and the wider industry, a new DEFRA-funded study suggests.

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