Media coverage – July 2017

Dirty laundry: Are clothes polluting the ocean?

PhD student Imogen Napper and Professor Richard Thompson have researched into the potentially damaging effects of synthetic fibres on the marine environment. The study found that polyester & acrylic clothing shed thousands of plastic fibres in each wash.

BBC article on fibres released by washing clothes

New research offers hope for neuro-tumour patients

Groundbreaking research which would use a range of existing drugs to offer hope to thousands of people affected by Neurofibromatosis 2 (NF2) – characterised by the development of multiple tumours of the nervous system – has reached national media

‘News Medical’ article on the research hoping to help NF2 patients

Research on link between creativity and risk-taking

'The Guardian' invites readers to take a seven-question test, and, according to the study authors from the School of Psychology, if a person scores 6 or 7 out of 7, they count as more risk taking, and therefore more creative, than the average person.

Read ‘The Guardian’ article on risk-taking

Royal Naval Reservist joins neural stem cell team

Graduate Matt Sherwood, who completed the Royal Navy officer acceleration programme, has received funding from Peninsula Medical Foundation to support the neural stem cell research team at PUPSMD. He features on Forces TV alongside Dr Claudia Barros.

Forces TV feature on Matt Sherwood and Dr Claudia Barros