Media coverage – February 2017

Scientists explore impact of global warming on Japan's sea life

Professor Jason Hall-Spencer is working with a team from the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, on innovative research to discover how Japan’s marine ecosystem could be affected by global warming

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Jellyfish in CO2 rich waters
Marine litter

Our seas have become a plastic graveyard

Professor Richard Thompson says: "Marine debris is damaging to the economy, to wildlife to the environment. It is wasteful and unnecessary, and we all agree that it needs to stop"

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Scientists working with a University of Plymouth team on sea ice in the Arctic (credit: Simon Belt/University of Plymouth)

The fats that take scientists back in time

Professor Simon Belt explains what organic molecules made by microorganisms and plants far in the past can tell us about climate

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The Milky Way and space
<p>Dr Simon Ashby</p>

Impact of negative media reports mapped in new study

The effect on both the share price and the credit default swap spreads of banks and insurance companies caused by negative reporting is significant

Dr Simon Ashby, Associate Professor of Financial Services, University of Plymouth

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<p>Professor Richard Thompson<br></p>

From sea to plate: how plastic got into our fish

Professor Richard Thompson, a leading global expert on microplastics, is quoted in a feature about the presence of plastic in our seas and any potential threat to us

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Dental students work with veterans to improve oral health awareness

Plymouth University Peninsula School of Dentistry is working with Community Interest Company Active Plus to target job seekers using skills, experience and expertise of injured military veterans to deliver individual programmes

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<p>Dental students interact with job seekers in a joint project with Active Plus</p>
Autism image (shutterstock_227886823)

Autistic academics give their thoughts on university life

Dr Margaret Prior writes about her research which aims to give a voice to academics who identify as autistic, Asperger’s or on the autism spectrum

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<p>Adult Nursing students</p>