Connect: Summer 2016
Marcus Shirley and Professor Kerry Howell

Dartmoor Zoo provides new home for animal research

We’ve built up a very close partnership with Dartmoor Zoo, and this new facility really is symbolic of that relationship.

The Dartmoor Institute of Animal Science (DIAS) Pod is a 35m2, wood-built facility, situated next door to a pen of Iberian wolves.

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The Dartmoor Institute of Animal Science (DIAS) Pod
Dr Craig Donaldson

Spotlight: Dr Craig Donaldson

Looking back, while there have been many highlights in my university career, I think that time establishing the Cord Blood Bank ranks as the top.
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Jackie Chu

Alumni spotlight: Jackie Chu

There is no electricity or water supply, no toilet facilities, and no showers for the entirety of the expedition, and it’s adapting to such an environment that has been the biggest challenge of the work.
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Harrison Nash

Alumni spotlight: Harrison Nash

Of course there can be challenges with children addicted to substances, for example, but we work holistically and have seen some incredible success stories. I have seen young people go on to function so well in society
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Your stories

Final year projects spanning the breadth and imagination of the arts have been on display across the University in HOT ’16. There were sculptures, paintings, photographic collections, illustrations and digital innovations.

In addition, prominent national figures from the fields of scientific research, communication and policy attended Sustainable Earth 2016.

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HOT ’16