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The launch of iSPER

There is recognition that action is needed to address social inequality, relative poverty, stalling economic growth and community divisions at an international level as well as at home.
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Robot home brings together family of research

There is a great deal of interest in researching and developing robots to be used as domestic home helps for the elderly and the disabled.
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Spotlight: Professor Tom Hutchinson

From my scientific training, I feel there is an absolutely fundamental link between human health and wildlife health. That has been my driving principle in a professional capacity: people cannot be healthy if the world they live in is not healthy.
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Spotlight: Associate Professor Haya Al-Dajani

I’m interested in looking at how entrepreneurship can be a vehicle and catalyst for social development. Under that, my main focus is on gender; people who need to be entrepreneurial to have some form of livelihood or addressing poverty alleviation.
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Alumni spotlight: Guy Stevens

The biggest threat to mantas and mobula rays is from fishing. They are targeted for their gills, which are used in Chinese medicine, and unfortunately that has resulted in a big decline in populations.
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Alumni spotlight: Clare Nasir

I really loved the lectures and the diversity. I loved the teachers and tutors and found them to be really accessible, and that helped to cement the knowledge you got from the lectures.
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Your stories

It was a double celebration for one budding entrepreneur this year as they picked up their degree on the same day that their business graduated with honours as well.

In addition, the University secured two national prizes in recognition of the quality of its sustainability reporting.

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