Human biosciences - exchange modules

Will gene therapy become an established treatment for cancer? What are the potential benefits of stem cell research? How has the revolution in genome sequencing provided insights into human biology? Develop skills and knowledge across the spectrum of subject disciplines – enabling an understanding of these and other key questions relating to human biology, health and disease.

Included below is a list of all modules available for exchange students studying human biosciences at the University of Plymouth. Further information about studying human biosciences at the University of Plymouth can be found on the course page.

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First year modules

Semester 1:

  • BHCS1003 - Human metabolism (20 credits)

Second year modules

All modules are 20 credits

Semester 1:

  • BHCS2003 - Genetic continuity and diversity
  • BHCS2018 - Systems physiology- function and dysfunction
Semester 2:

  • BHCS2006 - Infection, immunity and disease
  • BHCS2020 - Human metabolism
  • BHCS2004 - Cell biology in health and disease