History - exchange modules

So, what comes next? It’s often said that the best way to see the future is to understand the past. History with the University of Plymouth helps you do just that, while gaining the professional skills you’ll need throughout your career.

Included below is a list of all modules available for exchange students studying history at the University of Plymouth. For short descriptions of module content, take a look at BA (Hons) History.

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First year modules

All modules are 20 credits (recommended for non-majors)

Semester 1:

  • HIST401: What is history?
  • HIST406: America from settlement to empire
  • HIST407: World history since 1850

Semester 2:

  • HIST409: Fractured Isles: Britain and Ireland 1640-1990
  • HIST410: Fighting for survival: living and dying in early modern Europe, 1450-1700
  • HIST411: History tomorrow

Second year modules

All modules are 20 credits (recommended for majors)

Semester 1:

  • HIST506: The European reformations
  • HIST509: America since 1900
  • HIST511: Heritage and public history
  • HIST513: Royal Navy in the age of sail, 1545-1815
  • HIST517: The longest war: Britain, Ireland & the troubles 1949-2006
  • HIST520: Global Cold War: politics, culture and society
  • HIST522: Talking history, seeing history: research methods in visual and oral history
  • HIST525: Culture and society. Britain c.1760 -1914

Semester 2:

  • HIST502: Preparing for Dissertation research
  • HIST503: American popular culture since 1945
  • HIST505: Middle kingdoms: themes in early modern Asia (China, India, Japan and/or Korea)
  • HIST515: Other voices - marginalisation in early modern Europe
  • HIST519: Tudor and Stuart Britain
  • HIST524: From company rule to independence: colonial India, 1757-1947
  • HIST526: Dunkirk to D-Day: The Second World War in Europe
  • HIST527: Survey of maritime history

Third year modules

All modules are 20 credits (can only be taken by majors and only with approval of the module leader)

Semester 1:

  • HIST605: African-American experience 1890-1954 
  • HIST607: Japanese History: from Tokugawa Japan to Hirohito
  • HIST609: The French Wars of Religion 1558 - 1598 
  • HIST610: The Irish Revolution 1912-37 
  • HIST616: America, the United Nations and international relations 1945 to the present  
  • HIST619: From unification to reunification: key themes in modern German history
  • HIST622: Key aspects of maritime history

Semester 2:

  • HIST604: Piracy and privateering, c 1560 - 1816  
  • HIST606: The Civil Rights movement  
  • HIST612: Empire of law. Ruling the British Empire 1760-1960
  • HIST620: Elizabeth I: The failure of a dynasty?
  • HIST621: Inter-War Britain 1919-40