Graphic design with typography - exchange modules

Develop innovative ideas and concepts in response to design briefs, and creatively solve design problems using words and typography. With employers placing great emphasis on graduates having typographic knowledge, you’ll stand out in the job market. Good graphic communication relies on the important relationship between type and imagery... Or maybe type can be the image?

Included below is a list of all modules available for exchange students studying graphic design with typography at the University of Plymouth. Further information about studying graphic design with typography at the University of Plymouth can be found on the course page.

Second year modules

All modules are 20 credits 

Semester 1:

  • GCOM513 - Designing with Type A
  • GCOM523 - Communicating Editorial

Semester 2:

  • GCOM533 - Communicating Identity
  • GCOM543 - Communicating Information
  • GCOM553 - Looking Forward
Full year modules:
  • GCOM563 - Design Contexts
  • GCOM500 - Design Negotiated (Instead of GCOM523, GCOM533 or GCOM543)

Colm Dunne

Academic Exchange Coordinator for Graphic Design with Typography

Lecturer in Graphic Communication

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