Biological sciences - exchange modules

Are you passionate about biology in all of its forms? Do you want to study a broad biology degree without the constraints of choosing a specialism too soon, with equal emphasis on lab and field skills? You will build an understanding of biology from viruses to mammals and from freshwater to hydrothermal vents, gaining state-of-the-art practical and transferable skills highly sought by employers, graduating ready to shape the future of fields from ecosystem management to laboratory research.

Included below is a list of all modules available for exchange students studying Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth. Further information about studying Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth can be found on the course page.

First year modules

All modules are 20 credits 

Semester 1:

  • BIOL131: Cells: The building blocks of life
  • BIOL132: Ecology & the diversity of life 

Semester 2:

  • BIOL130: Biological sciences field biology (subject to availability)
  • BIOL133: Principles of physiology
  • MBIO161: Evolution & behaviour

Second year modules

All modules are 20 credits  

Semester 1:

  • BIOL210: Molecular and genetic basis of disease OR  BIOL214: Ecology
  • BIOL211: Microbial physiology and biochemistry
  • BIOL226: Animal ecophysiology
Semester 2: 

  • BIOL212: Environmental cell physiology
  • BIOL217: Environmental plant physiology

Third year modules

All modules are 20 credits  

Semester 1:

  • BIOL307: Advanced skills and concepts
  • BIOL311: Ecotoxicology 

Semester 2: Choose two from the following options

  • BIOL301: Plant biotechnology 
  • BIOL3313: Environmental microbiology and biotechnology
  • BIOL310: Global change biology  
  • BIOL320: Animal nutrition
  • BIOL321: Pharmacology and natural products

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