Architecture – exchange modules

Do you want to create great spaces for people to live and work in? Discover the multi-faceted processes of building design in a stimulating and dynamic community. Appreciate the built environment past, present and future, and gain the confidence to ask questions and challenge inherited beliefs. You’ll cover subjects from urban planning and theories in cultural conditions, to sustainable systems and technologies. Learn to think outside the box and gain skills employers value highly.

Included below is a list of all modules available for exchange students studying architecture at the University of Plymouth. Further information about studying architecture at Plymouth can be found on our course pages:

First year modules

All modules are 20 credits  apart from DESN402 which is 40 credits

Semester 1:

  • DESN401: Design Studio 4.1
  • COMM401: Communication 4.1
  • TECH401: Technology 4.1
Semester 2:

  • DESN402: Integrated Design 4.2 (40 credits)
  • HTCC402: History, Theory and Critical Context 4.2

Second year modules

All modules are 20 credits apart from DESN502 which is 40 credits

Semester 1: 

  • DESN501: Design Studio 5.1
  • COMM501: Communication 5.1
  • HTCC501: History, Theory and Critical Context 5.1
Semester 2:

  • DESN502: Integrated Design 5.2 (40 credits)
  • TECN502: Technology 5.2

MArch Architecture: first year modules

All modules are 20 credits apart from ARCH652A which is 40 credits

Semester 1: 

  • ARCH651A: Design studio
  • ARCH653A: Connecting sustainable practices
  • ARCH654A: Urban methodologies
Semester 2:

  • ARCH652A: Design studio (40 credits)
  • ARCH656: Technical design

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