Student testimonials

"I really like it being so close to the sea and everyone lives in the middle of the city. To study abroad is the best choice I have made."
Catherina Arehog
Erasmus exchange student from Sweden, studying with the Environmental Building Group
"Plymouth is very modern. In Plymouth the University and the city are one: The city literally becomes a classroom."
Eileen Waggoner
ISEP Exchange student from USA studying English
"The class is a lot more creative than any of my other classes at home."
Jennifer Rogers
ISEP Exchange student from USA studying BA (Hons) Graphic Communication with Typography

Gabriella Casagrande

Gabriella Casagrande - Architecture exchange student from Brazil

A once in a lifetime experience. The course is really good and the city is pretty small - the classes are taught really differently.
Eduardu Palermo

Eduardu Palermo - Architecture exchange student from Brazil

I really liked the different ways of working here, it is so different from back home.