Professor Dafydd Moore

"The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business prides itself on a collaborative approach, whether in tutorials, seminars, or our unique studio environments. We value your input. So I'd encourage you to start that dialogue with us today."

"The faculty welcomes students from across the world, either as full-time students or on one of our many different exchange programmes. We currently have approximately 148 students with us from other countries, equally many of our staff are from other parts of the world. For example, approximately 40 per cent of the staff of the School of Architecture, Design and Environment come from other nations, including Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA and Japan. Previous students have commented on what an enriching experience studying with the faculty in Plymouth is and how they've enjoyed living in and discovering new places in the South West.
Of course as a student of the University of Plymouth, you'll also have the chance to travel. Opt to study Stage 2 of your course in one of our partner universities in the USA or Europe and seize the opportunity to spread your wings and visit new places, learn new ways of studying and make friendships that will last a lifetime.
Studying abroad as part of your degree can be a life changing experience. The skills you'll gain, as well as an increased knowledge of another language and the ability to live and work effectively in a foreign environment, will enhance your future prospects. Whether you come to Plymouth or travel abroad, you'll genuinely be joining a thriving community of multinational, like-minded people.

University of Plymouth has risen dramatically in the University League Tables, reflecting our ambitious and successful approach to teaching and learning excellence. We're a large university with all the teaching and student facilities you will need, yet the faculty is small enough for the staff teams to know their students individually. Socially, this builds a great sense of identity and community, and academically it encourages our students to take a diverse approach and push the boundaries of their studies. 
Read the information on these pages and contact the coordinators to find out more about our exchange opportunities and have all your questions answered."

Professor Dafydd Moore