e-Navigation Summer School August 2018

The School of Engineering welcome staff from our international partners to join them in Plymouth for a two week summer school in August 2018. The school is aimed at academic staff with a navigation background who are looking to extend their navigation skills or consolidate existing skills.

What’s included in the programme:

  • Tuition and demonstrations in a range of e-navigation techniques from an experienced Royal Navy Commander
  • English tuition with a focus on Maritime English
  • Local sightseeing trips and cultural events
  • A final weekend in London before flying home

What’s in included in the price:

  • Transfers to and from London
  • All accommodation in Plymouth and London
  • Breakfast and lunches - Monday to Friday. Self catering facilities are available for evenings and weekends.
  • All scheduled visits and events.


  • The navigation suite located in our state of the art marine building.

Dates: Sunday 5 August to Monday 20 August 2018

  • Accommodation is provided in Plymouth from Sunday 5 August
  • The course is delivered from Monday 6 August to Thursday 16 August (nine days)
  • The group will travel to London on Friday 17 August for the weekend.


  • Full fee for this Summer School is £1600. Please note that all attendees must cover the cost of their international return flights to and from London.

Course overview

There is English Language tuition embedded every day.

  • Navigation overview
  • E-navigation
  • System integration
  • Bridge management
  • External factors and redundancy
  • Simulator/ECDIS suite overview, planning and execution

Detail 1

  • GNSS overview
  • Traditional navigation
  • E-navigation integration
  • Simulator/ECDIS suite overview
  • Demonstration

Detail 2

  • Data quality
  • Data management
  • COLREG e-nav interactions 1
  • Simulator/ECDIS suite planning and execution
  • Coastal navigation

Detail 3

  • COLREG e-nav interactions 2
  • Bridge management 1
  • External factors
  • Simulator/ECDIS suite planning and execution
  • Coastal navigation and entries
Detail 4

  • Bridge management 2
  • Redundancy
  • Terrestrial navigation
  • Transitions between systems
  • Simulator/ECDIS suite planning and execution
  • Coastal navigation and entries