Undergraduate students

What do I need to do?

Please ensure that you attend everything as required by your course, including lectures, seminars, in class tests, lab or fieldwork and one to one meetings.* 

You must also submit coursework within the given deadlines and attend all exams and other assessments associated with your course. 

What should I do if I experience problems?

Speak to an advisor in ISA or email the compliance team, as soon you are experiencing problems. 

What will happen if I do not attend or my attendance/engagement is not satisfactory?

Your engagement is monitored from a range of data sources and if no engagement or attendance is recorded for you, or you are not engaging satisfactorily, your Faculty will be contacted and asked to confirm your recent engagement, and record this in University systems as appropriate.

If you have not been engaging with your course and this does not improve then the situation will be escalated. A meeting will be arranged with you, representatives from your Faculty, the compliance team and ISA. This meeting may result in your interruption or withdrawal from your programme, dependant on how much of your course has been missed.

If you are withdrawn or interrupted from your programme due to poor attendance you would be required to leave the UK, and depending on the reasons for your non-attendance, the University may not be prepared to sponsor you again under Tier 4.

Therefore it is very much in your interest to ensure that you are engaging with your course fully, and that you seek help early if you experience problems.

*Please note that some programmes may also have mandatory attendance percentages that are set by your Faculty or an external body such as the NHS. Your programme handbook should state what these requirements are.