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An introduction to banking in the UK for international students

Delivered through the International Orientation Programme this is a session that provides information and advice on banking in the UK together with a fact sheet on local banks and services available

Key information

Expected hours of commitment: 1

Who can participate?: All PU International students

Suitable for which level?*: All

Will this activity appear on my HEAR?: No

Which graduate attributes will I develop with this activity?

Main skills developed
The sustainable and global citizen
The resilient and thriving individual

Other skills developed
The competent and confident professional

Is there a cost?
There may be a cost associated with opening a bank account

Further information

*Levels explained

Level 4 is the equivalent of first stage undergraduate study (e.g, Certificate of Higher Education)

Level 5 is the equivalent of second stage undergraduate study (e.g. Diploma of Higher Education, Foundation degree)

Level 6 is the equivalent of final stage undergraduate study (e.g. Bachelors degree)

Level 7 is postgraduate study (e.g. Masters degree)