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Fundamentals of Hospitality Revenue Management Certificate

Based on ‘HOTs’, which is an advanced computerised business simulation, you will use real market data to improve the performance of a virtual hotel and develop your skills in revenue management, capital expenditure, environmental management, marketing, pricing and HR.

Key information

Expected hours of commitment: 15

Who can participate?: School of Tourism & Hospitality only

Suitable for which level?*: 6

Will this activity appear on my HEAR?: Yes

Which graduate attributes will I develop with this activity?

Main skills developed
The competent and confident professional

Other skills developed
The critical and creative learner
The sustainable and global citizen
The resilient and thriving individual

Is there a cost?
There is no cost for this activity

Further information

*Levels explained

Level 4 is the equivalent of first stage undergraduate study (e.g, Certificate of Higher Education)

Level 5 is the equivalent of second stage undergraduate study (e.g. Diploma of Higher Education, Foundation degree)

Level 6 is the equivalent of final stage undergraduate study (e.g. Bachelors degree)

Level 7 is postgraduate study (e.g. Masters degree)