Results guidance: A1 – Progressing

Find out more about an A1 results code

Congratulations on passing your modules over the last academic year!

You can now progress onto the next stage of your programme.

For more detail to accompany the brief points below, please read about your results, how to find them, and what they mean.

Confirmation of marks
You have been awarded the credits as shown on your transcript. Please see the above link for a detailed explanation of the policies and procedures leading to the publication of your results.

If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Award Assessment Board, you will need to do so 10 working days after publication. Please check our appeal deadlines page for more information.

Extenuating circumstances
If you have submitted valid extenuating circumstances during the year, these will have been considered by the Award Assessment Board.

Outstanding debts
If you have any outstanding debts with the University, you may be unable to continue with your studies. Please contact Finance and Sustainability on 01752 588130 or email


If you do not wish to continue your studies over the next academic year, you may:

Interrupt your studies
Interruption of studies means taking a year or more out from your studies but remaining registered on your programme. Subject to a ‘maximum period of registration’, you could later resume your studies. To discuss this option, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.

Withdraw from your studies
If you withdraw, you will cease being a student at the University of Plymouth and would need to re-apply if you decided to study at the University in future.

If you wish to withdraw or suspend your studies you can find the form and further information on our withdrawing or suspending study page.

If you withdraw from your studies, please note the following:

New transcript
A new transcript will be available confirming that we have amended your records.

All students can download or print a copy of their eTranscript which includes results of all years of study on their current programme.

The exams and awards office can provide copies of transcripts. This will incur a cost per transcript and should be ordered from the estore.

Graduation Ceremony
If you become entitled to an award upon withdrawal, you may be eligible to attend your school’s graduation ceremony. You will receive an email when booking is due to open. Read about graduation ceremonies for further details.

If you have any further questions, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.