Hayden Roberts, TEP scholar
In achieving a triple distinction BTECH Diploma in IT, Hayden Roberts has shown sheer determination and passion for his chosen career in engineering. Now, studying BSc (Hons) Computer Systems and Networks, Hayden is pushing himself towards to his ambition of becoming a network infrastructure architect. 
"The emergence of new technologies has always fascinated me. I have come to a point where I’m always researching information and computing technologies and their impact on human lives and business." said Hayden.
The path towards a chosen career can sometimes be obstructed by socioeconomic barriers. Stephen Ball,former CEO of Lockheed Martin UK, identified that these barriers could prevent the ‘Brunels of the future’ from unlocking their full potential and so initiated the Tamar Engineering Project to provide long-term support for talented yet disadvantaged students.
Hayden’s talent, strength of character and academic achievements are what caught the attention of the selection panel for the Tamar Engineering Project. In 2017, he and two other students were awarded the scholarship, which provides one-to-one mentoring and financial support throughout University study.
"When I was accepted on to the project it laid to rest a lot of my apprehensions about university, as I would have access to a support network and a mentor who could inspire me to make university the best possible experience for my career." said Hayden.


The mentoring is a golden ticket to developing non-academic skills such as networking and building an understanding of industry structure. The aim is to build a scholar’s confidence and knowledge of the value of giving back, fostering a generation of conscientious engineers.
The University’s employer mentoring service matched Hayden with Peter Beange, Director of Operations, UK & Europe, Northrop Grumman.
"I was delighted to be asked to mentor Hayden as he considers his future career. I attended my first meeting with Hayden and was very impressed with the project and preparation the team had gone through with him. Hayden had a good idea what he wanted from the mentor relationship and we hit the ground running. It is a very well structured and well-considered project and I hope that with my help, we can support Hayden to launch successfully his future career.  I strongly encourage colleagues across the industry to consider acting as a mentor on this project." Peter Beange.
Hayden Roberts (TEP scholar) meets his mentor Peter Beange Northrop Grumman
Hayden Roberts meets his mentor Peter Beange
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