MPsych Advanced Psychology final year specialist pathways

In your final year you'll choose to focus on one of three specialist pathways:

Behaviour Change
This pathway will give you an advanced understanding of the reasons and methods for promoting change so that people can live healthier, happier and more sustainable lives in both the physical and social environment.  You’ll discover how change is encouraged at individual, population and government policy level. Topics include encouraging environmentally sustainable behaviours, treating addictions, encouraging healthy eating habits to reduce obesity, making lifestyle changes to improve quality of life, educational interventions to increase physical activity, self-help strategies for quitting smoking.

Cognitive and Brain Sciences
This pathway will give you hands-on experience and training in a wide range of new technologies available for studying the brain. You’ll gain advanced knowledge of current developments in theory and research in cognitive and brain sciences.  You’ll focus on the neural substrates of mental processes and brain activity and learn how these can be measured. You’ll also gain expertise in how brain activity is related to psychological functioning.

Foundations of Clinical Psychology
This pathway will give you a head start and the hands-on experience and knowledge needed for careers in mental health counselling and clinical psychology. You’ll gain expertise in the use of pharmacological interventions to help people with mental health problems, problems of child development, problems associated with ageing, learning disability and neurological problems. You’ll benefit by learning about a range of therapeutic approaches from systemic approaches (e.g. family therapy) to cognitive behavioural therapy. You’ll also develop advanced understanding of the research techniques used to develop and test psychological therapies.