Family Law Clinic

The Family Law project provides information and practical guidance for people facing divorce or Children Act proceedings. We work with local law firms who provide their support to provide these services.

The Family Law project team has produced a user-friendly information booklet and run clinic appointments on Wednesday afternoons for assistance with the practicalities of Litigants in Person cases. We can offer helpful guidance on how to fill out tricky legal forms and provide information about how to prepare for the court process and what to expect.

The clinic has been set up to help members of the public who since the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment Offenders Act 2012 became law, have struggled to access the support they need.

Clinic appointments

Appointments at the Clinic run on Wednesdays afternoons from 2-5pm, however if you are unable to attend on this day or during these hours, an alternative appointment can be arranged. Please contact the team by either email or phone.

Contact details

To contact the Family Law Clinic team please email us at or telephone: +44 1752 585502

“The Family Law Clinic allowed me to develop a variety of professional skills and the experience solidified my desire to work in the legal industry. It taught me a lot of transferable skills, such as client care and legal writing. Without my experience at the Law Clinic I do not believe that I would be where I am now in my legal career.”

Charlotte Bonney
Family Law Clinic student 2020