Studying politics

The BSc (Hons) Politics course will develop your knowledge and understanding of the significance, concerns, concepts and methods of the discipline of politics as well as providing an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different forms of explanation. You’ll learn to understand the significance and nature of political processes, the various forms and levels of government, and the ideas and concepts behind them.

The design, content and delivery of the course is informed by contemporary research and scholarship, designed to ensure that your knowledge and skills develop throughout the stages. Each module is grounded on the theme of democracy and democratisation and you’ll develop analytical and critical faculties by learning about democratic theory. You’ll also be encouraged to question and critique political processes and institutions.

The politics team currently includes Professor Michael Thrasher, internationally renowned for his work on elections and electoral systems. Dr David Brockington has had research on electoral behaviour published in some of the world’s most highly rated political science journals. Dr Piers Revell is a specialist in international political economy and global environmental politics. Graeme Herd, our Director of the School of Law, Criminology and Government, specialises in the politics of modern Russia and its relations with the outside world.

Recent graduates have gone on to work in national and local government (e.g. civil service), non-governmental organisations (human rights, development), ‘think tanks’, journalism, business in general, The European Parliament, the United Nations, and education.

Additionally, many have gone on to further study via the masters in international relations and doctoral studies.