BSc Physiotherapy Student insight - Matthew Freeman
"I chose Plymouth University because I wanted to live somewhere that I hadn’t lived before. I also really like being by the sea, so Plymouth University seemed ideal! The open day was the deciding factor though. I just felt like I could really see myself going here and the course looked really good. 

I really liked biology at school, especially human biology, so I wanted to study something that would allow me to carry on studying this when I left school. I decided that I wanted to do physiotherapy about a year before I applied. I had experience of physiotherapy from knee and hip problems myself and also from seeking shadowing experience with local physiotherapists and at my local NHS hospital. The fact that the course was funded by the NHS was just a bonus! I think the course has really allowed me to develop personally. As a result of the course structure and the requirement for placements, I feel that I have improved my ability to communicate, work in a team and problem solve effectively.

We have to complete 1000 hours of placement to qualify. However, if it was not a requirement of the course I would still do it. I really like going on placement because it is a chance to put everything you have learnt at university into practice. Furthermore, it really sets you up for getting a job once you qualify. There are just some things that you learn on placement that you would not be able to learn at university. Everyone has an educator on placement who has been trained in how to support your learning while you are at their hospital and they are really supportive of your development.

I like how the size of the cohort is quite small compared with other courses. Everyone knows each other and we are all really close. The course is intense, but I like a challenge. It was quite hard to go from A levels where teachers give you all the information you need. Learning here is a lot more self directed, so you will have to find some of the information yourself.

I am now in my third year, just a few months away from finishing! I have one placement and some exams left. I hope to work in the NHS as well as working in sport."