Elliott Tucker, Child Health Nursing

Why did you choose Plymouth?

I chose Plymouth as the location of the campus is accessible from all areas of the city, and it is close to all shops, recreational facilities and nightlife. Additionally, the course was the most appealing due to the equal balance of theory and placement, and placement opportunities throughout the whole of the South West.

Why did you choose the course, and what do you want to gain from it?

I have always wanted a career in the health profession, where nursing stood out due to my interests and passion to work in this field. I felt I had the right skills and empathy to work with children and young people with illness or disease, but to work in partnership with their families.

What was your entry route to the course?

To reach the entry requirements I studied three A levels which were; Double Award Health and Social Care, ICT and BTEC Travel and Tourism. Having studied health and social care gave me a basis of knowledge about children and their development. However ICT and travel and tourism improved my ability to write academically.

What are your views on the placement element of your course?

I find placements extremely important in developing my clinical skills, communication skills and working collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team. Furthermore it has enhanced my knowledge about the nurse's role in the acute and community setting.

What are the good and bad bits of the course? If there is anything negative how have you overcome this?

The layout of course is one the best that I have come across, due to 50 per cent placement and 50 per cent theory, which are in separate blocks, allowing for three months of placement with limited theory in between.

Has the course changed your career goals at all?

My career plan have not changed, however I have found the care of adolescents and oncology care the most interesting and rewarding. Additionally I am interested in the role of the advanced paediatric nurse practitioner, which could be a potential career path I may follow.

Is there any advice you would give to anyone interested in a health course?

Applicants must understand the commitment of the course, due to the high contact time which is an average of four days a week in University. Also on placement students are expected to work the same hours of the qualified nurses, these can range from 12 and a half hour shifts working three days a week to working five days a week 9 - 5.
​Elliott provided this case study whilst he was a 2nd year student at the University, he is now in his 3rd year.