Sponsorship can help you study for a Navigation and Maritime Science degree, and follow an accredited pathway to an Officer of the Watch (OOW) Certificate of Competency.

For OOW (unlimited) certificates you normally gain the required sea time with service on board merchant vessels. This is usually only available with sponsorship from a shipping company offering officer training cadetships, or through MCA recognised training providers who work on behalf of a number of shipping companies.

Full sponsorship for OOW (unlimited)

You are sponsored by a shipping company or training provider for the duration of the degree (sometimes known as a cadetship). The shipping company effectively employs you over the training (degree) period, and will usually cover the cost of university fees, professional courses, and pay a salary.

Mixed mode funding for OOW (unlimited)

With mixed mode funding you may be offered an alternative sponsorship package by a shipping company or training provider. This would normally be offered during stage 1 or 2 of the programme. These opportunities are advertised as and when they arise. The package will provide sea time opportunities on merchant vessels and cover the cost of professional courses, with help toward university fees and living costs. These packages can only be offered to students provided they have achieved the thresholds required in modules and assessments and remain on the accredited pathway.

<p>Nikolas Peratikos -&nbsp;

BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science&nbsp;<br></p>
<p>Nikolas Peratikos - BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science <br></p>
<p>Nikolas Peratikos - BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science <br></p>

In 2016, I became a sponsored HollandAmerica Line (Carnival Corp.) cadet with Viking recruitment at the University of Plymouth and was sent to sea. First stop, Seattle, WA to board the first ship I had ever seen. In the year that followed I sailed through Alaska, Hawaii, Argentina, Cape Horn, Chile, Antarctica and the Med from Cadiz (west) to Mykonos (east) and everything between. I now have an honours degree, am a qualified Officer of Watch (OOW) unlimited and a 3rd Officer in the HollandAmerica Fleet. I now have an exciting career ahead and prospects ashore when I decide to settle down. Thank you very much to the lecturers of the Navigation and Maritime Science course that guided me there!

Nikolas Peratikos - BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science graduate