Navigation and Maritime Science
  • You do not need to be sponsored by a shipping company to be accepted onto the navigation and maritime science courses and can still can go on to work in the shore-based maritime sector or progress to a masters degree. If you are not sponsored you will study on the unaccredited pathway.

  • If you wish to become a Ships Officer and complete your Officer of the Watch certificate, you will need to be sponsored by a shipping company, spend 12 months (total) integrated training at sea in addition to completing the degree course, following the accredited pathway.

  • The University does not guarantee sponsorship for any student.

  • You will need to arrange sponsorship yourself. UK passport holders are eligible to apply for UK government sponsorship schemes. Training organisations that represent groups of companies visit us in year 1 and interview for sponsorship, however success is not guaranteed. Staff can advise on this process.

  • If you are a UK passport holder and have not been resident in the UK, you will need to establish residency. In this case you should speak to navigation and maritime science staff for advice.

  • If you are from a country other than the UK it is recommended that you speak to navigation and maritime science staff, so that you fully understand your options.

  • For all applicants we strongly recommend you attend one of the University offer holder days, either physically or virtually to discuss these issues.

  • Overseas students (those without a UK passport) who wish to gain their Officer of the Watch certificate must arrange their own sea time.

  • Professional course costs are usually met by the sponsoring company.