Mixed mode of funding

Our navigation and maritime science degrees are accredited by the MCA and MNTB.

Plymouth has a strong maritime history and we at the University of Plymouth attract students who are passionate about working in the maritime sector.

Our navigation and maritime science course offers MNTB/MCA accredited foundation and honours degrees for ambitious students who wish to go to sea. Our students pay their own course fees, but to qualify for their MCA Officer of the Watch (Deck) certification they seek a sponsoring company to provide their sea time and to contribute to the costs of ancillary courses.

Will your company partner with the University of Plymouth and the next generation of motivated individuals, creating a high quality entry point of greatest value but lowest cost?

Full funding model

The full funding model is the traditional approach to sponsoring cadets in the maritime industry. Shipping companies interview and chose applicants to become part of their company and to serve on company ships as trainee officer cadets. The cadets attend the University of Plymouth with all the course fees and accommodation costs being met by the sponsoring company.

Mixed mode funding model

The mixed mode of funding is Plymouth University’s innovative model for meeting the manning needs of the maritime industry. The navigation and maritime science degree at both foundation and bachelor levels is targeted at aspiring individuals who wish to go to Sea. The students meet the course fees themselves, while the sponsoring company will cover the STCW short course costs and offer the opportunity of sea time to gain the MCA accreditation. Additional costs can be met with a bursary at the sponsoring company’s discretion.


The University of Plymouth also has a pool of existing students who are actively searching for a sea time opening. Our students have made a financial commitment to pursue a career in the Merchant Maritime Industry by starting the accredited degree programmes without sponsorship. This provides a pool of dedicated candidates in-place who are ready for interview at short notice. The option to recruit students which already have the academic grounding required for the MCA accreditation is unique to Plymouth.

Navigation and Maritime Facilities

Students learn on our ship simulator, complete with a 240-degree screen and realistic control panel. They also have use of our yacht; Take the Helm.