International students - Navigation and Maritime Science

We have a history of success with students studying on our accredited and non-accredited pathways.

International students can follow an accredited pathway, gaining internationally recognised (STCW) professional Officer of the Watch (OOW) navigating officer qualification subject to organising appropriate sea time.

Whilst sponsorship opportunities are usually restricted to British or EU nationals with UK residency, non-EU students can organise sea time directly with their own national shipping companies, subject to MCA approval.

You do not need to be sponsored to study BSc (Hons) Navigation and Maritime Science. Non-sponsored students typically enter shore-based support industries.

Direct entry in the final year is possible for ships officers (with appropriate academic qualifications/experience) and HND/FdSc graduates looking to develop their careers. This does not require sponsorship and allows you to achieve a BSc (Honours) degree in one year.

The University does not guarantee sponsorship for any student.

For further information visit the University international pages