Facilities and resources

From our state of the art ship simulator to our very own yacht, discover what you will have access to at Plymouth

Being by the sea isn’t the only reason Plymouth is one of the best places in the UK to study the marine environment. You’ll enjoy access to a wide range of high-specification facilities, so you have the resources to match, and achieve, your ambitions.

Marine Navigation Centre

Inside our Marine Building, you’ll find our Marine Navigation Centre, which houses our high specification ship simulator. We incorporate it into our teaching programme extensively, and it’s easy to see why. Learn how to navigate all manner of vessels, from a small powerboat all the way to a super-tanker. Featuring a 240-degree display and a real control panel, our simulator will enable you to learn the practicalities of navigation in as close to real conditions as possible.

Our vessels

Gain hands-on experience from the start of your course with our own sail training vessel, Take The Helm. Take her out on to the water to learn how to apply and manage navigation and crews, laying the foundations for a successful career at sea. 

You will also conduct operations aboard our survey vessel Falcon Spirit.

Our best natural resource

  • @ Take advantage of Plymouth Sound, one of Plymouth’s most beautiful assets.
  • , A natural harbour, it’s the perfect platform for water sports – as well an invaluable resource for students of navigation, marine science and oceanography.

View across Plymouth Sound from Mount Edgcumbe<br></p>
University Sailing Team
Plymouth Sound

Modern teaching and learning environments

Marine Station

We’re proud to have our very own Marine Station on the waterfront. 

Here, we use a variety of boats and ribs to support diving, seamanship training and marine research activities. 

You’ll also enjoy access to the Mount Batten Centre, a leisure water sports centre that houses a range of sailing dinghies and other types of watercraft.

Marine Building

Our Marine Building makes us a world-renowned centre for maritime science and enterprise.