Jacquiline Train - graduate profile

Junior Developer, Logica, now part of CGI

"In college, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but my love for computers and mathematical problems was definitely my strength. I decided to go to university in order to develop my knowledge, and I fell instantly in love with Plymouth. I'd been to other open days but here was the first place where I felt at home. The modern university campus, the friendly staff and students and the beautiful seaside city was the perfect place for me. The taster session sealed the deal.

Over the course of three years I was taught by some of the best lecturers, who providing both an outstanding level of education and invaluable support both academically and personally. There’s also a real sense of community, especially among the students. The social aspect of Plymouth certainly doesn’t disappoint, and I’ve stayed good friends with those I met.

I began my job a month after my final year exams. As a developer, the skills I’ve acquired help me understand both the logic behind the code and enable me to solve specific problems due to their mathematical content. My degree has given me the confidence I need and a stable foundation upon which to build my future career."