Dr Antonio Rago

"I am an Italian theoretical physicist and I obtained my PhD in Turin. 

After my PhD I carried out postdoctoral research in Milan, Swansea and Wuppertal, before coming to Plymouth as a mathematics lecturer and member of the theoretical physics research group with a focus on supercomputer simulations of physics beyond the Standard Model. 

I teach a variety of modules, such as vector calculus and special relativity, to second and final year mathematics students and regularly mentor final-year projects, both in theoretical physics and in high-performance computing (HPC) projects. 

As a final-year tutor, I am responsible for the smooth running of the last year of our degrees. This includes organising various employability-related events. 

My research is mainly focused on a numerical (lattice gauge theories) approach to physics ‘Beyond the Standard Model’, a topic at the frontier of contemporary physics. The question summarising my research is: ‘What are the fundamental constituents and fabric of the universe and how do they interact?’ My results help predict and explain the outcome of the experiments running at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN and give a better insight into the innermost structure of fundamental matter. 

My research uses the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Over the years I have developed world-class expertise in the field and a strong collaboration with companies who build and optimise supercomputers (IBM, Intel, Fujitsu, NVIDIA). 

My professional expertise in HPC is recognised nationally and internationally. I regularly contribute to defining standards and installations such as the HPC roadmap for the UK’s DiRAC consortium and for the University of Plymouth's local supercomputer."