Provided you pass the foundation year with at least 50 per cent overall, you are guaranteed progression to the first year of one of our mathematics degree courses at BSc (Hons) level.

We have an established track record of students progressing from the foundation year to success in their chosen degree course. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss with your lecturers which degree to select towards the end of your first year of study.

You can progress to the first year of any of the degrees listed below.

Undergraduate courses

Our degrees all provide a strong base in pure and applied mathematics, probability, and statistics. Computing skills are built in from the first year so that you can solve important, real life problems. There is a great deal of flexibility to move from one degree to another should your interests develop.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (Full-time)

Our most flexible degree gives you a through grounding in modern mathematics. You will use this to build up problem solving skills and master mathematical techniques that are in great demand in industry. You have the opportunity to carry out an advanced final year project in any field of mathematics.  

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics (Full-time)

Statisticians are in great demand in the modern economy. This course combines a thorough grounding in theoretical and practical statistics. Students master probability, medical and financial statistics as well as data modelling. Students use professional software, such as R, Excel and Simul8, and can analyse real world data supplied by our industrial partners.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education (Full-time)

As a highly skilled mathematics teacher you will be responsible for educating the next generation. This degree gives you a high level understanding of mathematics that goes far beyond A level. You will also engage in practice in teaching through a school placement, our outreach programme and a written project on mathematics education theory.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Finance (Full-time)

This combines mathematical knowledge with an understanding of the financial world. On this degree you will be taught by staff from our Centre for Mathematical Sciences and from Plymouth Business School. Topics include financial statistics, investment management and a project in mathematical finance.

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Theoretical Physics (Full-time)

Modern physics is highly mathematical and in this course, you combine advanced mathematics with the study of classical and quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and special relativity. A final year project allows you to spend a third of your final year exploring a high level physics topic in depth.

"The foundation year not only boosted my knowledge and understanding but also my confidence prior to starting my undergraduate studies. I successfully graduated with a first class honours degree."

Andrew Bailey, Medical Statistician, BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics.