Tobias Wood

Tell me about yourself.

I’ve been into surfing since I was about 11 so Plymouth was my first choice with its local links and the societies are good here.

What is BSc (Hons) Marketing to you?

I’ve really enjoyed the course as it has given me the opportunity to study a whole range of business related subjects along with marketing modules. I know it’s really vital to get that knowledge and have that understanding of business for the next few years when we focus specifically on marketing.

Aside from the course the university staff have been good. I have dyslexia, which was pretty rubbish at school, but the Programme Manager is really supportive and helpful when she emails me on top of all her course leader work.

Also the staff at the Talent Hub invite me to chat often by email and keep me really informed, keep giving me a genuine feeling that they want to help.

What practical experiences have you gained while you have been studying at Plymouth University?

I’ve been successful in competitions like Flux. At the moment I’m also doing an ‘Inspiring Futures’ project which is rewarding as the business is very corporate social responsibility focused. You get the chance to advise them on things like marketing strategy. I’ve enjoyed putting theory into practice.