Josephine Crabtree

Tell me about yourself.

I found university challenging at first as it was the first time I’d studied a business-related subject, as my A levels consisted of Dance and Biology. I have already been fortunate enough to gain experience from two short placements, which I completed last year. 

I worked for two fashion PR companies where I was able to help out in London fashion week. I have already received two separate yearlong placement offers with umi Digital and Tesco.

What is BSc (Hons) Marketing to you?

The marketing department and University as a whole have been very supportive, and its’ experienced staff gives all the students opportunities to get involved in CV enhancing activities. I have enjoyed learning how marketing is constantly changing, which encourages us all to think about the future.

I have found that this course offers me experience, knowledge and encouragement, and has enabled me to gain a wider knowledge base of other aspects of business aside from marketing, such as economics and accounting & finance.

What practical experiences have you gained while you have been studying at the University of Plymouth?

This year I participated in the FLUX competition and my team came first overall. I also took part in the ‘Rise To’ challenge, which is a national society that encourages entrepreneurship. Our task was to raise awareness of an unsung hero, in which my group chose blood donors. 

I project managed the group of six students where we had to complete weekly tasks and encourage people to write thank you messages on our website to promote the company. We made t-shirts, advertised on the Student Union Radio and gave blood, to help drive sales.

I have learnt that a placement will give you lots of practical experiences and is something different to use in interviews as examples of teamwork in different situations. Feedback from applications helps you learn so much and improve.