James McKellar
Tell me about yourself.
I recently started my own clothing company which links in with my degree, something that I’ve always wanted to do, that also allows me to gain some relevant experience on my CV.
What is BSc (Hons) Marketing to you?
From my perspective I’d say all the modules this year are relevant and I feel that the coursework will directly link to things that I’ll be doing on placement next year, so it’s nice to actually get a taster. It’s all so much more than advertising.
This year I think my favourite module which I find particularly relevant for me is entrepreneurship, as although it’s an optional module it directly links to my clothing company, giving me more insight into that side. Last year I chose a module in Spanish so it was quite nice to have all these options to mix it up.
What practical experiences have you gained while you have been studying at Plymouth University?
An example from my course; is that we’re making up a new (hypothetical) product for Ginsters - it’s nice when you can consider a real company that you’re familiar with. In another module we’re branding an energy drink to compete with the likes of Red Bull, so from scratch we develop the brand, logo, marketing and communications including the website and social media strategy.
Also, with some other students and help from the Business School I helped establish a Chartered Institute for Marketing student chapter, for which I’m also on the committee and helped organise and promote a digital marketing event with four speakers.