Rebekah Grant
What is BSc (Hons) Marketing to you? 

I like marketing because I get to explore the psychology of business as well as the practical side, and it is just really interesting to see how consumers and organisations organise themselves.

I am really interested in PR, which is why I decided to do marketing as a degree, and I can't wait to do that module in my final year. 

I have realised that there is a lot of different aspects of business that goes into marketing, it’s not just one set thing, you’ve got accounting, economics etc. it’s a plethora of knowledge that you need to know when doing a marketing degree- it's all interlinked.

What practical experiences have you gained while you have been studying at the University of Plymouth?

I have become a student ambassador so I have been able to talk about marketing to other students, encourage and advise them about their choices.

The course is mostly teamwork based; there are a lot of group projects. With Enactus I have been able to use the skills and knowledge learnt from actual experiences to apply it to my projects, and offer advice. One of our projects was to devise a questionnaire to give out to businesses, and I was able to make questions particularly focused on the marketing side.

I am really interested in sustainability, and I’d like to eventually, once I leave university set up my own company that looks at sustainability within travel and especially the slow food movement.

As Plymouth is one of the top five green universities in the world it’s a definite advantage.