BSc (Hons) Management Practice graduate testimonials

What our alumni say:

Simon Buckley

"For me taking part in online learning was new experience but one which I would take part in again, without a doubt. I had only previously learnt in a classroom environment surrounded by other students with my learning schedule mapped out for me. However the benefits of being able to achieve a full degree, along with level 6 accreditation from the CMI and level 5 from the ILM whilst working and looking after my family was invaluable, and enabled me to take ownership of my own development and pace of learning.

I was pleasantly surprised that even though I was usually studying on my own at home I was never truly alone, due to the fantastic support of the faculty and my fellow cohorts. All of which were available at any point for guidance, feedback and opinions. The ability to continue my studies with the University of Plymouth has also meant that I have been able to rapidly progress my career from a team supervisor at the start of my studies to a Single Site Manager and now an Account Manager looking after multi-million pound accounts. I feel that without my time learning at the University of Plymouth I would not have been able to achieve what I have in such a short period of time, as my confidence, knowledge and practical skills have been developed beyond my wildest expectations."

Denisa Belska, Czech Republic

"I chose to study online at the University of Plymouth as I have been working as export sales manager for five years and therefore I couldn’t commit to full-time studies. I consider enrolling on BSc (Hons) Management Practice to be a major commitment and investment to my future. It helped me to fill the gaps in my knowledge in selected fields. During my studies, I was very pleased with the great support and help from the tutors who were always available to me. The design of the course has allowed me to follow both: studies and my job."

Roxanne Treloar

"Completing the BSc Hons Management Practice has been a fantastic experience. The structure of the online part-time course has allowed me to complete a degree which has been a long term ambition of mine, whilst working full-time. This invaluable experience enabled me to complete a degree relevant to my role encouraging me to constantly learn and reflect on my current practices as well as equipping me with the tools I need for developing in the future to make me a better manager. Not only have I gained an Honours Degree, I have also gained multiple additional awards throughout the course through the Leadership and HRM route with little additional work. I also gained valuable skills such as time management, prioritisation and self-motivation which was assisted by the supportive and encouraging module leaders."

Andrew Turnock

"The BSc Hons Leadership Pathway (with CMI Dip L6 and ILM Cert L5) has been the best course of study I have participated in to date. The chance to work and learn has been hugely rewarding; the ability to apply the skills learned throughout the programme has had a significant benefit on my day to day work. Programme staff are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and always available to offer advice at any time of the day, making it easy to learn outside of core business hours."

Sarah Fowles

"The BSc (Hons) Management Practice has encompassed a wide range of management skills which I have used on a daily basis. The support provided throughout the course was of a high standard and I felt that I could always ask questions to increase my understanding of what was required. The qualifications gained as part of the course CMI Dip L6 and ILM Cert L5 are highly recognised and add to my professional portfolio and I believe that this will enhance my future career prospects. I would highly recommend the course, if it wasn’t for the online programme I wouldn’t have been able to develop my skill set to this level."

Gift Chikola

"Studying Management Practice – International trade pathway with the University of Plymouth was a formidable prospect, but it is a decision that I will always be happy I made.

It was truly an invaluable learning experience that has equipped me for the workplace. I have gained wide knowledge and experience of the field and have developed both theoretical and practical expertise through coursework, assignments, personal research and tutorial interactions and guidance from my well experienced lecturers.

I have also learnt the necessary skills to manage and deal with challenges in the contemporary business and organisational setting and to ensure that I thrive in my future career in international trade.

The fact that Management Practice as a programme is accredited by different academic professional bodies meant that at the end of my degree, not only will I graduate with a BSc degree from the University of Plymouth, but also a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) level 6 extended diploma in Leadership and Management and IoEIT partial accreditation to professional diploma level 5 in international trade. As the saying goes, I essentially killed multiple birds with one stone."

Daren Wood, Nova Scotia, Canada

"When undertaking a course at university, many things go through your head. Will I be able to fit this course in with my other commitments? Can I afford to undertake the costs? Do I have what it takes to see this course through to completion?

The attraction of this course is that is is run over 2 years, costs are fair and you can complete it online anywhere in the world. Not only is this a degree course, it is linked to the Institute of Leadership and Management, and the Chartered Management Institute. Working hard on the modules, feeds in to the criteria for the aforementioned institutions, enabling three professional qualifications in one.

The course I completed was the first time the University had run it. This has enabled any teething issues to be ironed out, for future cohorts. Be prepared for a constant flow of information and modular assignments. You will discover things about yourself, your ability to analyse, debate and research, and academic theory to help you gain perspective. Balancing your work life and study takes some adjusting too. Setting a quiet time aside each week for study is essential, along with finding a mentor to sound ideas out. It is going to be challenging, but the rewards are huge, as you develop and grow through the journey.

If you have some professional qualifications and need to take the next step, then this is the course for you. Consolidating all your prior learning into three qualifications, which will make the difference, into today’s competitive market. There are no exams, you are continually assessed and you will not look back. Make the commitment and change your future."