Student insight - Healthcare Sciences (life science)
"I've always really liked Plymouth as a city. The campus itself is fairly compact so everything is close together and easy to navigate. In addition, several of my friends had gone to the University of Plymouth and had recommended it to me.

I had always been interested in science and after completing my A levels at college I started a distance learning degree focussed on biology and chemistry. I soon realised that I wanted to pursue a more practical career in science, and that the best way to do this would be to get more practical experience at a conventional university. 

The lectures are really interesting and the lecturers are engaging and supportive. There are some modules that most people have never studied before, such as pharmacology. Because it is quite a small course you soon get to know everyone and I spend a lot of time with the others from the course; it is ideal when it comes to supporting each other and working together towards deadlines. I also like how much time we spend in practical sessions: around two to three hours a week."