William Wai Yip Au Yeung, BSc (Hons) Economics graduate

“I chose Plymouth as it was a similar setting to my home city of Swansea. I’d heard it had a great student life and good course curriculum but at the same time it was far enough away from home allowing me to develop my independence.  Plymouth is very fun, it’s so student orientated, the course is good and the support network is brilliant. 

During my time, I entered the IBM business challenge. It was a great way to network and develop existing skills such as my analytical and business acumen skill sets. We got the opportunity to meet a large assortment of people and really put our current knowledge to good use.

I thoroughly enjoyed my four year experience.  Sure it had its times of intense stress and not everything went according to plan, but I got to meet some brilliant people and some of the funniest and enjoyable experiences were had because of coming to Plymouth. I regret nothing!

I really enjoyed Economics. The lecturers were great, very informal and informative. It allowed me to bring out the best of my skill sets and I really liked behavioural economics covering topics such as economics of happiness and game theory. Challenging yet satisfying!”