Studying Data Modelling and Analytics

This final year degree course will allow you to interact with a broad range of data modelling topics that will equip you with the analytical skills needed by business and industry.  

You will:

  • study predictive analytics for forecasting financial data
  • learn data mining type techniques for identifying clusters in complicated data
  • undertake mini-project investigations of analytics topics.  

You may also study optimisation or stochastic processes for finance and work with an analytics expert on a project of your choice, such as Big Data or social media sentiment analysis.

Will I get individual support?

You’ll be well supported by our lecturers who have an open door policy and run a tutorial system, that offers an exceptional level of academic and pastoral advice.

What if I am an international student?

If you’re an international student you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from our unparalleled experience, gained from helping over 200 international students successfully complete our final year course.  

You’ll benefit from a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and a variety of opportunities to mix with native English speakers.  One of our recent graduates from Hong Kong said:

“I lived in a student hall with seven flatmates, all of them British. They were really supportive.” 
Hilary Tse Kar Man - graduate.

Employability and careers

Throughout your studies subject specific material will be underpinned and enhanced with a focus on employability and careers related skills.

As a graduate from this course you’ll benefit from a large choice of highly rewarding job opportunities.  Plus your extensive transferable skill set and freshly acquired subject-specific knowledge will ensure you’re prepared for rapid career advancement.

Career opportunities include, but are not restricted to: business and social media strategist, data scientist and research analyst in sectors such as banking and finance, e-commerce, consultancy and government.  Our graduates are also highly sought after for managerial positions in international companies.

Some feedback from our students

We’re proud of our students and graduates. Here’s what they had to say about studying data modelling and analytics:

“The lecturers provided great support and advice on career development”
Betty Chan Suk Man - graduate.
“Our coursework and projects use real life data and so provide us with experience of applying the analytical techniques that we study”.
Elegance Lam Ting Pui - graduate.

More generally, in the latest National Student Survey 97 per cent of our graduates were satisfied with the quality of the course.

What about research?

Complementing our established faculty members, we have a large number of strategically appointed new members of staff, who are research active and help us to offer a broad range of data modelling and analytics material.

Our research outputs have improved in quantity and quality from 2008 to 2014 and, as judged by the Research Excellence Framework , 68 per cent of our publications are now Internationally Excellent or World Leading.