Liam Lam - final year student

From Hong Kong Community College

I chose to study Data Modelling and Analytics because this degree is related to statistics and mathematics and that is what I am interested in. I have studied the course of basic statistics and I think I will get more knowledge from Plymouth University. The main reason I chose Plymouth is that I can finish my degree within a year, so that I can have a better plan in my study, for example, I may get a master degree after this degree if possible.

Plymouth University has a great environment for studying. The best part of my course so far is the teaching method, because that is quite different to my college I was studying in at HKCC. In Plymouth, they prefer to make you learn something related to real life, not just recite equations. For example, on my the course I have learned how to apply modelling methods in my project about epilepsy. I also like modelling a dataset and to find a result or predict something is quite interesting and useful in my career.  

Plymouth city is awesome, what I like most is the environment - the fresh air and less crowded streets are the best. I like that kind of life. The best thing about Plymouth University is the people. There are lots of students and lecturers from different countries or regions. I've met many people, and it has widened my horizons. Although the difference between Hong Kong’s culture and England’s culture is quite big, I can adjust myself very quickly to the English culture, because my resilience is strong. I believe Plymouth University is definitely worth the cost. Other than gaining knowledge on the course, the most important thing is that I have learned about many cultures and met many new friends giving me the opportunity to expand my horizons. I would say to anyone considering to study at Plymouth that the internationalization and environment of Plymouth University is amazing. Here is not only for studying, it's also an opportunity to make friends from different countries and the facilities and support for new students is really good.

Once I finish my degree in Data Modelling and Analytics I hope to do a Masters degree in the UK.