Gloria Lau - graduate profile

Hospital Research Assistant

"Plymouth University is a wonderful place for students to study. Based on their interests, students can select to study modules in applied statistics, management science, mathematics and computing. The lecturers are very experienced and give special attention to international students. The University is also a good place for students to meet people from different nationalities, as many people who study here come from different countries including Greece, Sweden and France.

Plymouth University is aware of the difficulties that international students face and holds a series of events to help them to cope with those difficulties. For instance, the International Office conducts a city tour to familiarise students with Plymouth and there is also an English class that students can attend. 

Plymouth has a nice coast, which is great for walking and relaxation. If you have time, you can wake up early to go to the seafood market where they have many kinds of fresh seafood. Moreover, there is plenty of time for students to travel around the UK and Europe.

Besides the nice coast, another attractive point is the location of the University, just next to the city centre. The students’ halls of residence are also quite close to the University which is convenient, as I know that not all of the UK universities are as close to the centre of the city or their student accommodation. 

I’m glad that I chose to study at Plymouth University rather than in Hong Kong . It’s also the fastest way to get a degree for Hong Kong students who only have a higher diploma or an associated degree.

After studying for a Masters in Public Health and then working at a marketing research company, I have just become a Research Assistant at the Tung Wah Eastern Hospital in Hong Kong."