Policing and Security Management pathway

This unique BSc (Hons) course explores the convergent worlds of policing and security management. Building on its international reputation for criminology and policing studies, The University of Plymouth offers students the opportunity to gain a BSc (Hons) in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Policing and Security Management).

On-track for a career in policing and security

This exciting course examines academic, professional, and vocational issues in policing and security and investigates the challenges offered by these professions.

As a graduate, you will have been equipped with the insights and knowledge you need to embark on a fulfilling career whether you are starting out, looking for a new occupation or seeking your next professional challenge.

Career opportunities

This degree course opens the door to many careers within policing and security management. In addition to UK police forces across the country (as well as the British Transport Police and MOD Police) opportunities exist with agencies such as the National Crime Agency, The UK Border Agency, HM Revenue and Customs, The Armed Forces (including the Intelligence Corp and the Royal Military Police) and national security agencies such as GCHQ, MI5 and MI6.

In the commercial sector, organisations look to their security experts to protect their staff and customers, products, information and reputation. Within the private sector, you will find a host of national and multinational organisations operating large and sophisticated security departments in areas as diverse as retail, banking, telecommunications, maritime operations, airlines and manufacturing.

Whatever area of policing, security, and criminal justice interests you, your degree with Plymouth will prepare you for the opportunities ahead.

Discover more careers in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Key features
  • Learn from criminology, policing and security specialists.
  • Acquire professional knowledge, skills, and insights.
  • Acquire a degree that positions you for an exciting and rewarding career.
Course details

Year 1

Develop foundational knowledge of the role of the police service and the wider criminal justice system. Interrogate theories that explain crime, criminality and deviance while gaining an insight into the practical aspects of crime scene management. Participate in volunteering opportunities in a policing context.

Course modules

  • CCJ401 Being a Criminologist
  • CCJ402 Introduction to Criminological Theory 
  • CCJ403 21st Century Crime Problems 
  • CCJ404 Crime in Context 
  • CCJ405 Responses to Crime: A Comparative Introduction 
  • CCJ406 Forensic Criminology 1: Police Investigations

Year 2

Examine contemporary policing and security issues in-depth and detail and develop and apply practical research skills and critical thinking. 

Core modules

  • CCJ501 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice 
  • CCJ502 Theorising Crime and Harm 
  • CCJ504 Researching Crime and Criminal Justice 
  • CCJ505 Criminal Justice in Action: Structure, Policy and Practice 
  • CCJ508 Security and Policing Today: Debates and Issues 
  • CCJ509 Employability Plus

Optional modules

  • CCJ503 Forensic Criminology 2: Social Investigations 
  • CCJ507A Inside Knowledge: Crime and Justice in the 21st Century

Year 3

Complete your independent research-based dissertation on an area of policing or security that is of interest to you. Study specialist policing, security and criminal justice-related topics. Take part in a policing or security-related work-based learning module and benefit from a range of extracurricular activities.

Course modules

  • CCJ601 Criminology and Criminal Justice Dissertation 
  • CCJ604 Security Management 
  • CCJ605 Policing Management 

Optional modules

  • CCJ606 Systemic Violence 
  • CCJ607 Global (In)security and the State 
  • CCJ608 Social Change and Justice 
  • CCJ609 Social Control, Regulation and the Body 
  • CCJ610 Green Criminology 
  • CCJ611 Leisure, Consumerism and Harm 
  • CCJ612 Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies: Work Based Learning

Find out more about our modules

Security managers can specialise in areas such as:

  • ? Loss prevention
  • ? Investigation
  • ? Cyber security
  • ? Physical and electronic security
  • ? Risk management
  • ? Counter-terrorism
  • ? Close protection
  • ? Business resilience