Do you want to be a networking pre-sales consultant, monitor a global network or manage the rapidly changing requirements of a data centre? Whatever your goals, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re primed for your career as a networking professional.

We’re proud of our graduate employment numbers. And rightly so – it’s testament to the benefits of our hands-on degree. A degree that ensures you receive core Cisco training, recognised as standard in the networking industry, in your first two years. A degree that lets you gain significant industry experience. And a degree that’s tailored to make sure you graduate with the knowledge, skills and attributes employers want.

Where could it lead? 

Plymouth computer systems and networks graduates are highly skilled and highly employable. You’ll find them:

  • Working within the network departments of almost any company. 
  • Working for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Supporting the specialised network requirements of organisations in the financial or media sectors.
  • Working as network security specialists.
  • Acting as pre-sales consultants within companies that provide whole system solutions.
  • Ensuring that Servers and Networks are up 24/7.
  • Working for networking consultancies.
  • Working for telecommunications companies.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting global networks.
  • Designing networks for medium sized enterprises.
  • Building up their own businesses once they’ve gained enough industry experience.