A newly refurbished room in the Babbage building with new computers.

Our laboratories
Designed to further your learning and development, our laboratories offer more than general computer provision. We’ve equipped them with specialist software that mirrors what’s used across the industry, and regularly update and refurbish them to ensure they’re always current. Step into our labs and you can:
  • explore a wide range of software including Oracle, Microsoft Visual Studio, Java, Adobe Creative Suite and more
  • experiment with computers using Microsoft Windows, iOS and Linux operating systems
  • work around your busy schedule with free internet access and out-of-hours opening times
  • get creative in our dedicated games stuido equipped with dual-booted Apple iMac computers, so you can use Microsoft DirectX and XNA development as well as mobile device development for both iOS and Android
  • enjoy a dedicated networking lab equipped with more than 50 enterprise level network switches and routers, including wireless and VoIP devices,
  • benefit from our close links with Oracle and Nvidia – who have donated a lab of their Tesla GPUs for student work
  • discover specialist labs and facilities dedicated to security and software forensics, embedded system development, robotics, parallel processing and high performance graphics.
You’ll also have access to our extensive library and learning facilities including:
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • podcasts
  • books and publications
  • electronic journals.