After your degree

The skills you learn during your degree make you very attractive to employers across a range of sectors. Although you could use your chemistry skills directly, in areas such as research and development within the pharmaceutical industry or in other laboratory-based analytical roles (for example within the brewing or food industries), many of our graduates choose to move into multi-disciplinary teams across the science, engineering, healthcare, environmental and technology sectors. 

You could use your graduate-level skills in occupational areas as diverse as marketing, scientific writing, legal careers, IT, administration or finance. There may be opportunities to travel as many organisations, particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry, are global. A significant percentage of our graduates go on to postgraduate study, including masters and PhD positions, which can be a way of specialising and gaining valuable research skills. Teaching (both primary and secondary) is another option open to you.

Where could a chemistry degree take you?
Career Opportunities 

You’ll be offered a work placement module as a final year option so that you can gain first-hand experience with employers - we see this as a key driver for employability of our graduates. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for the professional qualification of Chartered Chemist through our accreditation by the Royal Society of Chemistry.