BSc (Hons) Business Management - Rebecca Holland

What is the BSc Business Management to you?

“It’s given me a chance to realise what I want to do when I leave university, but at a faster pace than if I'd studied for the standard three or four years. This allows us to do a lot more as we work through the summer. In a way it’s nice to think that I can have the summer time to get on and complete my work, and then  have the ability to achieve more at an younger age.

This course has given me a good idea as to what I want to do and where to go next, as I’m looking to study for a MA Human Resource Management here at Plymouth University. By studying this course it's allowed me to consider so many directions due to its all-encompassing nature.”

What practical experiences have you gained while you have been studying at Plymouth University?

“I’ve taken on leadership responsibilities at my local Brownies group, which has allowed me to build on my organisational skills, as well as budgeting and financial management. In my role as the secretary for Plymouth University’s Archery Club, I've been able to develop my communication skills and my ability to work within a team. I’ve also assisted in organising travel and accommodation for club competitions. I’ve also been a course representative, which enables me to have a lot of interaction with my course mates and help them raise any issues.”