BSc (Hons) Business Management - Nicky Oliver

Tell me about yourself

“I’m a mature student and took the decision a couple of years ago to go back into education, I think it was always something that I wanted to do.”

I wanted to do something positive that I’d enjoy. That’s what drives me, I was interested in business, how businesses are run and what makes them better.”

What is the BSC Business Management to you?

“I’d like to go into consultancy, as I enjoy being around people. I’d like to help business be better than they are, especially during the recession.

I’ve had a new lease of life studying Business Management because I’ve met people I wouldn’t normally have met - I’ve made some cracking friends whilst studying my degree.”

What practical experiences have you gained whilst you have been studying at Plymouth University?

“I’m now Vice President of the Management Society. I’ve always been really keen on working in groups and being part of a team and from taking part in group work during my degree, I’ve realised I can be a good team leader.”