BSc (Hons) Business Management - Clare Hartle

Tell me why you chose this course

“I chose to study this course so I could understand the many different aspects of business theory. The prospect of obtaining a placement in a company means that I will be able to start working within an organisation next year, following my two year fast-track option.”

What is the BSC Business Management to you?

“The two-year fast track course in Business Management has been challenging, but everyone on the course has been very supportive and we endeavour to encourage each and everyone one of the 40 students on it. We have formed very close networking bonds and we all discuss topics openly, helping each other out wherever possible. I have to compliment Mike Leat, who is so helpful. He was one of my main tutors during the first year of the course and is extremely supportive.”

What practical experiences have you gained whilst you have been studying at Plymouth University?

“I have been fortunate enough to work part-time in the marketing department at Fine Tubes, a local Plymouth based company which is involved in producing tubes for the aerospace, medical, nuclear, oil and gas industries.

Studying Business Management at Plymouth University has helped me to decide which type of business sector I would like to work in for the future. The modules you study during your first year enable you to get an idea of what you enjoy, and what you’re most suited to.”