Dr Hilary Duckett

"In line with the enterprising vision of Plymouth University, a portfolio of enterprise and entrepreneurship modules and courses have been developed and implemented to cater for student needs. In some cases a broad overview of the world of enterprise and business is provided and in other cases students are supported to apply their knowledge into the creation of specific projects or businesses.  

Within the Plymouth Business School a two-year intensive degree course, BSc (Hons) Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, will focus on giving graduates the expertise and experience with which to create and grow their own companies or work within bigger organisations, vastly improving the student’s employment possibilities.

Two masters programmes, MSc Entrepreneurship and MSc Entrepreneurship and International Development, have also been developed within the Plymouth Graduate School of Management to provide project managers of entrepreneurial initiatives with the skills to manage such projects successfully. The MSc Entrepreneurship and International Development programme is focusing specifically on the application of entrepreneurial principles in emerging countries.

All the entrepreneurial courses are focusing on systemic entrepreneurship principles – equipping current and future business leaders with practical innovative ways to manage the current and future challenges pro-actively. In this regard Babson College, the number one entrepreneurial education institution in the world, assists Plymouth University to stay at the forefront of entrepreneurship education."

Dr Hilary Duckett
Director of Plymouth Business School