Architectural engineering

Architectural engineers are key professionals in multidisciplinary building projects as they have the skills and knowledge in both architectural design and building engineering. They maintain an overview of the whole building process, from concept design, through construction and building operation.

Graduates of architectural engineering are the future industry leaders, prepared to address global challenges, such as climate change and diminishing natural resources, through the design and engineering of innovative, sustainable buildings.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, architectural engineers solve complex building design and engineering problems and lead and coordinate design teams, comprised of architects, building services engineers and structural engineers.

Our architectural engineering course focuses on sustainable buildings that use less energy, whilst still having comfortable and usable indoor environments.

Throughout the course, you will develop an awareness of the fundamental interactions between architectural design, construction, building operation, the environment and humans.

Course highlights

  • " Develop design skills to bring your architectural and engineering concepts to life
  • @ Evaluate complex design problems associated with the architecture and building engineering services and transform these into well-functioning integrated solutions
  • A Develop the leadership and communication skills necessary to manage multidisciplinary design and construction teams
  • ) Use the latest digital fabrication and immersive visualisation tools to produce and test your architectural and engineering designs
  • F Master software used across the architecture and engineering industries
  • ' Learn to select appropriate renewable energy technologies for buildings
  • 4 Predict the environmental and energy performance of your building designs
  • 6 Learn to check compliance against environmental and energy efficiency targets and rating schemes
  • ) Apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) to manage the design, construction and operation of buildings
  • . Design building energy management and control systems