A career in civil engineering can take many paths. We’ll give you the advice you need to take the direction you want, helping you to bridge the gap from graduation to employment, and take the first step towards your rewarding career. 

With 90 per cent of graduates employed in a professional or managerial role six months after graduation, the connections we provide are meaningful and will have a direct impact on your employability. [Source: Unistats].

We’re an employment-focused course: preparing you for your chosen career is our priority. Developing the next generation of chartered civil engineers means providing you with opportunities to connect and engage with the industry, from site visits and guest speakers to work placements.

Our graduates are employed in a wide variety of roles and disciplines across both he public and private sectors, here in the UK and overseas. Possible career paths include:

  • bridge engineering
  • highway engineering
  • water and waste engineering
  • flood engineering
  • nuclear engineering
  • geotechnical engineering.

Where our graduates are now

Mark Davin
Resident Engineer on the Barbados Coast Guard Relocation

“My current job involves a £20 million coastal defence and enhancement scheme at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. This involves analysing wave heights and tidal fluctuations to estimate the level of the event that occurs once every 200 years on average. Using the results, the most sustainable and effective defence strategy can then be determined.”

Ian Wilcock 
Resident Engineer, Barbados Coast Guard Relocation Project

"In my career I have worked in the UK, New York and the Caribbean. In the future I hope to continue down the path of site supervision, and am expecting to move to Mexico at the end of this current project. This is the most rewarding career I’ve had, as it is project based and every day is different."